Chemical Assessment Wayzata MN

Information on rule 25 and chemical assessments in Wayzata MN

 Wayzata Chemical Assessment Info

A chemical use assessment – schedule by calling 612.474.4100 – is a type of evaluation used to diagnose alcoholism and drug addiction. The assessment is used in Wayzata and throughout the state of Minnesota. If a person is diagnosed, it serves the secondary purpose to determine an appropriate level of treatment and help a person get admitted or placed into the treatment program.

Not all state assessors are equal – so make sure to select your assessor carefully. For one thing, as the Addiction Medicine report points out, some state assessors lack advanced degrees and training. This can lead to a failure to diagnose addiction issues and misdiagnose. Second, assessments at for-profit treatment centers should be avoided as they are generally biased toward recruiting people into their programs – despite the programs potentially being of low quality.

Instead, seek an a independent evaluation center – such as the Chemical Assessment Center - dial 612.474.4100. At the Chemical Assessment Center in Wayzata, rule 25 and chemical assessors have advanced education and the center is truly independent. This means that a person can get a fair assessment, which is especially important when the assessment is court ordered as the court will mandate a person follow the assessment recommendations. It is also important if a person is seeking alcohol or drug treatment because the independent Chemical Assessment Center can give several options to a client and refer into the best treatment program available in or near Wayzata.

 What does a chemical assessment consist of?

The chemical assessment is a one- to two-hour meeting between the person being evaluated and a licensed therapist. The therapist is generally licensed professional counselor and/or an alcohol and drug counselor. The therapist guides the interview, asking wide-ranging questions. These questions range from past substance abuse, legal issues, mental and physical health, to employment and living arrangements. The therapist will want to know if you have experienced any issues related to alcohol use. Second, if you have developed a tolerance to alcohol or other chemicals. Third, if you are experiencing cravings and/or reoccurring using thoughts. Be as honest as possible with the therapist so that the assessment can be completed accurately.

 What are my scheduling options?

The Wayzata rule 25 or chemical assessment can be completed during the day time, evening time, or weekend at the Chemical Assessment Center - schedule by calling 612.474.4100. Appointments available in person or via secure video conferring – called telemedicine. Telemedicine is a safe and convenient option for individuals unable to get to the physical office. During your telemedicine appointment, you would use your smart phone or computer’s web camera to logon to a secure HIPAA compliant website to meet with your therapist.

Evaluation Locations

 Dial 612.474.4100 for a private rule 25 assessment or chemical dependency evaluation